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It is about time…

Finding a word, finding a way, getting safe passage, forward movement, sometimes a type of paralysis happens, and we don’t know why, but we just freeze up and we stop for whatever reason impedes us.  It can be a day, … Continue reading

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Smooth transitions from one destiny to another…

I keep going back to that expression: it is not what you know – it is “who” you know…. Have you ever started your own business?  From my vantage point I do believe that the exact same starting point of … Continue reading

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A catered mind…

Good friends are like “good writing” pieces… Both have to cater to the mind.  I have a good friend, named Gilbert Johnson, and every now and then he tells me a story and he always preferences it with a statement, … Continue reading

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As the crow flies…

I know from the past that this expression, “As the crow flies” describes how far away something is from one point to the other.  However, have you ever watched a crow or a raven fly?  Rarely do I ever see … Continue reading

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Anyone have a favorite saying? Some of my favorites are Mom’s –

“All the world is a stage”…  This phrase was uttered upon many instances in my life while growing up, and even as an adult. Perhaps it was a patch when she didn’t have the right words to say, or it … Continue reading

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One’s writing place….has to be a comfortable space.

I know what it is like to sit down to write and to not feel comfortable. I have my favorite place to write, with old fashion desk items at hand, even though we now use wireless desktops to communicate.  These … Continue reading

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Connections and Collections

What comes to my mind with “Connections and Collections” is eclectic, eccentric, collecting with invisible intent. I never really knew that what I possessed would be interesting to anyone else, and I hear comments that my belongings are interesting and … Continue reading

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