Gills with Skills

Like salmon fish swimming up stream, we toss and turn into tumultuous, frantic, frenetic patterns to find work and solutions in a world fraught with financial disasters, realms facing poisonous outcomes from our way of life, compounded by countries following in the wake of our financial and physical declines. World financial markets are driven by microcosms of funds that create, dictate and move financers to pick and choose what stocks, bonds, commodities, will fund pockets whether they are huge corporate conglomerates or individuals whose savings are put away to grow. These people may earn salvation while others witness savings drop depending on the way the market moves. We in the past three years have seen such a decline in the work place jobs and corporate worlds have fallen apart from mergers, and uncertain financial futures. Even though markets have a way of growing and changing on a day to day basis, it seems that the same frenetic chaos is echoing in the halls of our planet, considered by some that we are on the brink of planetary disaster. All of this commotion seems to be mirrored in the way our planet is releasing energy in earthquakes and magna poisonous air is released into our atmosphere through a series of volcanic eruptions, many of which we have seen in the past few years and more recently in Haiti and Iceland.

Global warming has been the mantra for the past ten years of small groups of scientists, Al Gore, and those who are more sensitive to watching the glaciers recede, and islands disappear. Some people ask yet, is this the crux of our demise? It seems almost child’s play to blame the world’s catalytic commotion on one climatic event that has been eroding slowly away over the last one hundred years. Perhaps we, as a people, united by our countries and zones of the world that we occupy, should take a stance and own up to what we, as human beings, have done to change the planet over the course of time. Curiously, just taking down Redwood trees in the past century to create houses, buildings, structures, can also be added into the mix for the decline of the planet. Trees, bark, leaves are natures systems that replenish the atmosphere with oxygen, and these same trees create habitats for all the creatures that live within and around them. Besides taking down Redwoods, still to this day, we are decimating the Amazon, where the heart of our planet renews our world by creating enough oxygen for us to breath.

Factories, gas-guzzling exhaust fans, cars, air-conditioning units, jets, and changes in lifestyles, needs and waste have also devastated large areas of our planet, from poisonous rivers, floating plastic reefs in the Pacific ocean, to building mega dam structures that actually altered the axis that the earth rotates on. Population explosion all changes the way we live, breath, think, and glide through our daily lives. Is Mother Earth a living, breathing entity that our ancestors warned us about through folktales and ceremonies? Are we on the brink of a world change that is so overwhelmingly catastrophic that not only our world financial markets and dwellings will be decimated by an invisible computerized wand that emanates market buying and selling strategies on a Machiavellian level, in deceitful disharmony to our world. Also the earth itself with a hole in the Gulf of Mexico, bleeding out the oil that so runs our lives, but is it also a congruent factor in lubricating the earths’ crust which keeps our continents healthy?

Are we responsible for our planets destruction and adverse financial stability? What do we do to purge ourselves of these external wastes brought on by a world society whose sole interest is in flagrant wasteful activities? Where is the off-switch to grant ourselves time to replace the activities of our present way of being or are we stuck in the inertia of an excuse in not trying to find a remedy to give our planet a spinal readjustment to balance her systems?

As we begin to study and eliminate the poisons that may be at the root of our existence, and steer ourselves towards a healthier existence, perhaps then our world, Mother Earth, our financial institutions and markets will adjust and fish will purge themselves of mercury, swim up our streams to spawn a new generation of healthier fish. We can then turn our gills into the wind and breath air that we know is free of toxins and our own bodies will adjust to a healthier being. Perhaps we need to hone our skills to change our existence, rid ourselves of toxins, do less tree-cutting, emit less exhaust, and most of all we need to encourage our children to act and to be entrepreneurs to figure out ways to change our environment, thus creating new jobs, to fuel a new future, and hopefully this will allow our planet to heal, and the world economic markets to stabilize and world structures will be built to harmonize with our planet’s well-being.

©  Helen Holden-Gladsky 2010



Writing little snipits on notecards, doing little watercolors were always things I would do to stay in touch with friends and family. Today those little snipits are woven into the stories and they have also become the illustrations in my children's books: Elephoot, Elephoot Returns and Penelope - The Tea Mouse. I am currently working on my next book...
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