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The red elephant in the room.

I have a very large red leather chair in my living room, which at first was a curse when I brought it home from the store. Upon its arrival I realized that it was just too big for the space … Continue reading

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“Gone with the dogs, and that Cat” Copyright 2010 Helen W. Holden-Gladsky

I can still hear my Grandmother’s voice, “Cats are outside creatures,” according to Aunt Julia Weber. My grandmother told me that Aunt Julia loved all of her animals, horses, and, her collar-less dogs “Toddles” and “Big Charlie” who ran all … Continue reading

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BREAD PUDDING — Taste Buds – Be Transformed!

How often is it that we look for a tiny escape to our regular routine? I know that I crave change and on evenings when I can steal some time to myself for “adult” time, I love to meet up … Continue reading

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A day in the life of Helen Murphy Weber…

Without the electronics of this modern day, I know my Great Great Grandmother’s life was consumed to the upmost of her abilities in keeping a tidy and organized home on the eastern frontier of California; where the tulle reeds rose … Continue reading

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