“Timing is key, whether baking a cake, being in a relationship of any sort, timing in anything one says, does, acts, there is always a consequence to the words or action chosen.  I keep finding that my timing is on its own track, especially now when it comes to writing, I fell off the track for quite a bit of time.  I love to write and usually the flow is unstoppable, but what I found this year is that my words just didn’t come to mind when I sat down at my computer.  Everything else came to mind that needed to be done on the mental checklist, and of course when my friends would want my company, I would fly out the door to visit, which at times can be very fun, but at other times, one must find the time to get back to the ritual of writing, because it is the timing of writing which creates its own space.

The will to write is an unusual gift, because one can’t really explain where the compunction comes from when I can’t seem to get the words on the paper.  But when I sit down to write, even if only a few words, they just seem to fall into the virtual landscape.  I can’t imagine a world without writing or illustrating for that matter.  I can imagine so many other things that could be given up, but freedom of speech and writing is an unbelievable truth that we have in our western hemisphere.

Back to timing, I took up golf to learn a new sport, to play with my daughter and a friend, who has been playing golf all of his life.  Like everything in life,  it all comes down to timing when one is to hit that little ball.  It is where you place your feet, being in the swing, having direct contact with the ball and then executing a great hit.  At first I was so frustrated, but as I practiced it became easier to hit that ball and my aim became better and it was exhilerating to make the ball go where it was supposed to.  Just like timing though, everthing comes into play the very second that iron hits the ball.  A reflex move can send that ball off in a direction that wasn’t intended.

Words, golf, relationships life itself… it all comes back to timing.


About holdenswhimsicals.com

Writing little snipits on notecards, doing little watercolors were always things I would do to stay in touch with friends and family. Today those little snipits are woven into the stories and they have also become the illustrations in my children's books: Elephoot, Elephoot Returns and Penelope - The Tea Mouse. I am currently working on my next book...
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