one word at a time…

Just as the fish in my header picture, chasing one after the other, with a turtle sighing on the bottom of the pond, I wonder about many things when I can’t seem to spin out a story.  How does writing happen?  Do other people just get a quick idea and go with the flow?  Do the words come one by one or do they fill in the blanks as the thoughts come to them?  Sometimes I have it all worked out in my brain and things just fall down on the page like magic.  Other times like now I am wondering how do I get there?  Why are some thoughts and stories already worked out and they just come to me in a series of thoughts.  I guess that tonight isn’t the night to figure that out.  I am writing and illustrating again and perhaps that is all that matters.



Writing little snipits on notecards, doing little watercolors were always things I would do to stay in touch with friends and family. Today those little snipits are woven into the stories and they have also become the illustrations in my children's books: Elephoot, Elephoot Returns and Penelope - The Tea Mouse. I am currently working on my next book...
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