Life’s Turning Wheel

It seems we are all on a wagon wheel during our lifetimes. We strive to get to the center of the wheel where we can be our own boss, control what we can, and grow in any direction, with a purpose. Some days we see growth and other days it may seem like we are standing still. Sometimes we can spin out of control. Just pulling back and reflecting on where we have been and where we are going can be enlightening. I like to think of the spinning wheel as a place where we gather and store our threads or thoughts.

My spinning wheel from 2010 through 2013 was very productive in a new direction. I re-worked a story that I had written and illustrated a long time ago. It was so long ago that the paper had yellowed and the illustrations had to be redone, if I were to do anything with the story. I had read this story to children over the years, and eventually to my own child while she was growing up. As I started to redraw and paint the illustrations, I imagined a new story dimension and started recreating the story and illustrations to suit the new story. This wagon wheel kept spinning and spinning and I discovered that my illustrations grew more delightful and more whimsical as I recreated the rudimentary illustrations that I had begun in 1973.

In the middle of 2013 I went to another children’s book symposium and realized from the advice given to me there that my story pictures could stand on their own. (I didn’t have to explain the story with text). So I cut down the words of the story and soon my picture book spun itself into a picture book category. Out of that reality grew a thought to self-publish and test the market with it. The spinning wheel of ideas has never let me down because every day I devote some time to the story, by getting out there and meeting people who want to know about me, and how I came to writing it and how can they obtain a copy of Elephoot…..

If you have a dream, just keep on creating your idea and don’t ever stop, keep working on your dream, and then take the reach that your spinning wheel leads you. One idea leads to another and once you climb aboard and let your spinning wheel take you where it wants to go, you will eventually see your creation come to life. My spinning thoughts are: keep on – keep on turning your wheel.



Writing little snipits on notecards, doing little watercolors were always things I would do to stay in touch with friends and family. Today those little snipits are woven into the stories and they have also become the illustrations in my children's books: Elephoot, Elephoot Returns and Penelope - The Tea Mouse. I am currently working on my next book...
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